The circumstance of being able to receive, gain or develop superpowers, abilities, skills and enhancements. Advanced version of Experientially Induced Powers.


Circumstance grants the user extraordinary powers, abilities or skills by either being conceived of superpowered parents, scientific experimentation, medical treatment, by complete, often tragic and near-lethal, accident, or by other supernatural means. The effects of the event may grant superpowers to the user if they survive, or sometimes even if they don’t. Powers granted to the user by the event may be scientifically inclined if anthropogenic or supernatural if otherwise. Depending on the event in question, powers might be a gift, a curse, or both.




  • User may develop an Aversion.
  • User has limited to absolutely no control over the outcome of their catalyst event.
  • User may often obtain an undesired power.
  • Disfigurement is common.
  • Regulation or even Dependency may be an issue if catalyst event destabilizes the user in some way.
  • Event might cause use user to go insane.
  • User may require certain objects to utilize their powers.

Known Users

  • Various characters (Various fictional series)

Known Objects

  • Various items and objects (Various fictional series)

Known Locations

  • Various locations (Various fictional series)